A commercial inventory report is a detailed list of the contents, fittings and fixtures within an office, warehouse, shop, restaurant or any other commercial premises that is being let, sold or renovated. This includes everything from the flooring, walls, ceiling and sockets to all the furnishings (if furnished).

Reports on the condition of a building are often required in connection with commercial leases. If you are a tenant taking a new lease of a building with defects, it is often important to have these defects recorded at the commencement of the lease in order to limit your liability for repairs.

The inventory should always be carried out by a third party, independent inventory specialist otherwise it could be considered compromised and may not stand up in a court of law in a tenancy dispute.

As commercial inventories can take much longer to complete our quotes are based on the information provided to us at the time of enquiry.  We normally suggest a free visit for a more thorough quote. All our prices are not subject to V.A.T.

We carry out commercial inventories throughout London, Surrey and Sussex.

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