All landlords and agents that employ our services agree to the following terms.

Covid-19 Update / Terms May 2020

All property inspections shall be carried out as unattended viewings. We do not meet tenants or hand over keys. We do not carry out accompanied check-ins.

All properties must be cleaned to a good level before the compilation of the inventory. At check out we must be advised if the property has not been cleaned so we can follow Covid guidelines.

Pure Inventories carry out all inspections with masks, gloves and hand sanitiser for each property inspected.

Payment Terms

Agents: Payment within 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

Private Landlords: Private landlords must pay for all services before we release the final document. We will send an invoice after completion of the job.

Return of reports

All agents acknowledge that our reports are returned within a 36 hour period. We do not conduct and complete reports on site.

General Terms

Upon acceptance of the instruction, the clerk will arrange the inspection of the premises for the purpose of compiling an inventory.

The inventory report will be a full and detailed list of furniture, fixtures, fittings and household effects including any outdoor space. The report is prepared as an “as seen” snapshot by Pure Inventories and provides a fair and accurate record of the contents of the premises and the condition at the time the inventory is prepared. The inventory is compiled for identification purposes only and does not constitute a valuation or statement of authenticity, it is a listing that such item exists in the property at the time the inventory is compiled. Items are visually identified by a detailed description; however the clerk is not an expert in all materials, antiques, or a qualified surveyor.

When no comments are noted on the inventory in regards to condition, the item is free from any noticeable soiling and damage and no further notes are needed. Significant defects will usually be damage, usage, or soiling that may constitute a dilapidation charge at the end of the tenancy.

Electrical appliances and other such similar items will be power tested where practical or safe and at the clerks discretion. Lighting is solely tested to indicate whether the bulbs are working at the time of the check-in. Central heating systems and boilers will not be tested. It is advised that tenant’s usage test all appliances as soon as possible and report any faults to the landlord or agent.

Fire alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms will be tested where possible and by pressing the button for a beep. We will record if the alarm is working or not working at the time of the inspection.

Landlords and tenants should be aware that the Fire and Safety Regulation regarding furnishing, gas, electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the Instructing Principal and not Pure Inventories. Where the Inventory notes “FFR label seen” this should not be interpreted to mean the item complies with the “Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended 1993”, it is merely a statement that a label has been seen. It is strongly recommended that the landlord and agent ensures all items comply with the relevant safely regulation before the tenancy commences.

The clerk will not lift heavy items of furniture. Property left in lofts, and locked rooms, which have not been seen and recorded, are the sole responsibility of the landlord and cannot be added to the inventory without prior arrangement. Items left in cellars will be visually identified where possible if deemed safe; however the clerk will not undertake to search through boxes, cupboards or inaccessible areas. Any items of value or personal landlord items should be removed or identified to the clerk before the inventory is compiled.

Linen will be listed as seen, however soiled items or linen stuffed in cupboards will not be fully inspected. All linen should be freshly laundered and folded on top of the bed to allow for easy identification.

Items such as books or large collections of DVD’s will only be listed as “a quantity of”; any items of value should be removed prior to the inventory compilation.

Meter reading will be taken when accessible; however it is advisable to confirm where the relevant meters are located at time of booking if not easily located, for example large blocks of flats or where porters access is required.

We reserve the right to add additional costs if kitchens or other rooms are excessively overstocked with furniture or crockery/ utensils, linen etc.

It is the responsibility of the landlord and tenant to agree between themselves the accuracy of the report. No disputes regarding the contents or description contained within the inventory will be taken into account unless noted at the beginning of the tenancy within 5 days.


We require 4 hours notice to cancel or postpone a planned visit. Failure to do so will result in a £30 cancellation charge.


We carry full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Agents – We require full payment within 14 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed. Late payment will be charged at £30 per month after 30 days, until payment is received in full.

Landlords – We require full payment before we release any documents.

Delivery / Intellectual Property

Pure Inventories will endeavour to deliver completed reports within 24 hours. All reports remain the property of Pure Inventories, and may not be electronically copied, altered, or retained without express permission from Pure Inventories. The Landlord / Agent is responsible for checking the report on delivery and any dispute over content or description must be notified within 7 working days.

Any Agent or Landlord who instructs Pure Inventories to carry out any services on their behalf accepts these Terms of Business in full.