A residential inventory inspection report is a full report of the contents and condition of all the fixtures and fittings in the property. These reports are highly detailed and list everything from floor to ceiling, including the windows, light fittings and sockets/ switches room by room. From bathroom fittings to kitchens and all the appliances and fittings, right down to the grass in the garden. We also take photographs of all rooms of the property and include them in the final report. This is then emailed to you or your acting agent within two working days for the tenant to check and sign.

Check out

A check-out takes place when your tenants move out and compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory and check-in report taken at the start of the tenancy. Any discrepancies are reported and recommendations are made regarding the responsibility for damage or if the item falls into the term of “Fair Wear and Tear”. The cleanliness of the property is noted and we take photographs of all damage. Finally, meters readings are taken to be noted in the check-out report.

Mid term visit

Mid term tenancy visits are an important part of the tenancy, as this ensures the property is being looked after and can pre-warn you of any maintenance issues you need to address. Sometimes a tenant may want to leave and they have arranged for a new person to take over their room. This happens often in HMO’s and is a good way to check how the tenant has left it, and how the current tenants are looking after your property. We attend the property and will go round each room looking for any damages or areas that need attention, we reference the original inventory and will flag up areas that have changed since check in or need addressing immediately. We will also comment on how we feel the tenants are taking care of the property.