Covid-19 is here and we take our health and safety very seriously at Pure Inventories. We have Covid Health and Safety guidelines and we ask that you respect our requests in this unprecedented time.

Terms of Bookings:

When we collect keys please ensure they are in a paper envelope ready for our collection.

Please ensire that tenants do not attend the appoinments, regardless if they request this and if they say they will social distance. During this time we feel it is safer all round if tenants and our clerks do not meet at the property to go through the inventory together.

We will attend each visit with masks and gloves and wash our hands before and after each property visit.

Please advise us immediately if any tenants or contractors who have visited the property prior to our visit have reported symptoms.

We reserve the right to abort visits if we feel there is a danger of possible infection.

Thank you for helping us stay safe!